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 Kantech Telephone Entry System
The Kantech Telephone Entry System (KTES) is an ideal entry system for small, medium, and large sites with an existing access control system, or applications that require telephone entry access only. The system provides visitor access control to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, and industrial sites. A tenant communicates directly with a visitor using the KTES and can grant or deny admittance directly from a telephone land line or cellular phone with the touch of a button. The KTES is simple and easy to install, can co-exist with Kantech controllers and can be remotely managed using EntraPass software. A simplified version of the EntraPass software is included with the KTES for fast configuration & firmware upgrades, live transaction monitoring & system backup 



  • Stand-alone or integrates with an access control system
  • Convenient remote programming and management with EntraPass security management software
  • Electronic directory with a capacity of up to 3,000 tenants
  • 4-line, 20-character backlit LCD
  • Vandal and weather-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Onboard 128-bit encrypted, protected IP communication with EntraPass
  • One telephone line supports up to five units





A newly designed barrier, aimed at meeting a wide range of requirements, from residential to commercial use.

Dedicated and intuitive electronics

Electronic equipment, integrated in the upper part, protected by a coloured plastic cover that enhances the visibility of the LEDs. Intuitive programming via buttons and display. Wide choice of operating logics and configurable parameters. Integrated OMNIDEC universal radio decoding system. System protection and BUS 2Easy accessories simple to connect using only two non-polarised wires.

Robust, reliable, high performance

The exclusive use of high quality components and materials makes the B614 a robust and reliable operator. A quadrilateral lever system with two reduction stages makes beam movement even smoother.

Maximum anti-crushing safety

A 24V motor with an integrated encoder provides a high degree of motion control and allows the reverse on obstacle safety standards to be met.

Complete range of accessories

Numerous accessories are available in order to personalise the product: beam lights and traffic light kit, hedge kit, joint kit, end foot and beam support fork. The beams, fitted with a rubber anti-impact profile, are available in both rectangular and rounded versions. Optional reflective stickers and LED lighting along the entire length of the beam (rounded or rectangular) make it easy to see even in conditions of poor visibility.

B614 Typical Installation Requirements



  • Modern design
  • Dedicated and intuitive electronics
  • Robust, reliable, high performance
  • Maximum anti-crushing safety
  • Complete range of accessories




 The new E-4™ Residential Swing Gate Operator leads the industry in being the best, most cost effective residential linear arm actuator. This new design allows for a maximum gate capacity of 850 lbs/10’ or 550 lbs/16'. Featuring a convenient manual release handle and pre-wiring for an easy and quick installation. It is ready to be powered with low voltage wiring, allowing installation versatility and accuracy. The E-4™ offers a 2 year residential warranty and UL compliance 


The main new features are:

* Adjustable Soft Stop

* Improved Obstruction Detection Sensor

* Prewired 120V Receptacles and Plug-in Transformer

* Prewired radio receiver

* Improved Manual Release mechanism

* Built-in Motor Cable extended to 10 ft

* Easy to order kit that includes:

 Operator, Control Unit, One pair of UL compliant Through-Beam Photocells, Receiver, & 2 Remotes

The new firmware greatly improves the performance of the ODS sensitivity. The new adjustable Soft Stop feature allows to fine-tune the performance of the operator to the characteristics of the gate. This feature allows the operator to reach the full open or close position with minimal mechanical stress.



  This is the maximum amount of weight and length that the gate operator model can push/pull. 


12 - 16 Seconds per 90°

Based on the speed selected when installing, this will be the speed your operator pushes/pulls your gate.


 1 board is designed to control a single or dual gate, no other boards needed  


-20°F up to 160°F

The Viking gate operator will continue to function within this temperature range.


2 Yr Residential

Please refer to Warranty Policy on our website for more information.


10,000 Amps / 20,000 Volts

Leading the industry with the best in-unit lightning and surge protection.





The CP-4 is a free exit system that opens your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without having to use a remote or key fob or punching a keypad to open the gate.

This is a self-contained system that connects directly to any gate operator without an external output board.

Buried beside the driveway, the CP-4 is hidden and vandal-proof. It covers a 12 foot wide driveway. Suggested cable length is 100′ when hooked to a gate operator for free exit. It only detects moving steel, preventing the gate from being tripped open by animals or blowing objects.

It accepts universal voltage (AC and DC), and works with any gate operator: solar or powered. It has the lowest stand-by current in the market, some 85-90% lower than its closest competition. It is the most solar friendly of anyfree exit system available.


Based on magnetometer technology

Covers 12 foot wide driveway from the side

Self-contained with no output board

Universal voltage AC and DC

Lowest standby current in the industry

Works with powered or solar gates

Two models: 3-wire or 5-wire

Five year warranty



Additional Information

BD-LG2 is a two component  polyurethane, detector loop sealant. It is designed for use in both  asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a weather and chemical  resistant waterproof seal.  BD-LG2 effectively seals out  moisture and provides a tough and durable seal. Permits vehicular  traffic immediately after application with no need for lane closure.  BD-LG2  requires no clean up since the mixing tips are disposable. To get the most out of your tube of Loop Goop use with a 3/16" wide saw blade, and BD Loops  3/16" Preformed Saw-Cut Loops.  BD-LG2 is primarily used as a fast cure, protective seal for  inductance loops. It may be used as a sealant for saw cuts in concrete  and asphalt surfaces.


 BD-LG2 gels in 2 hours in freezing temperatures. In warmer temperatures it is a quick cure material.  See the chart below. TemperatureGel Time23°F (-5°C)120 min41°F (5°C)45 min59°F (15°C)15 minGreater than 59°F (15°C)Less than 15 min Superior Features BD-LG2 has no reaction with the asphalt and concrete and therefore  will not deteriorate them. It exhibits no "bubbling" or "mushrooming".   BD-LG2 will not expand or flow above the joint.